Talkshow Boy is from Melbourne, Australia. His real name is sort of Adrian K-Sahara. He plays intense and complicated electronic new pop songs about love, being tuff, and how people act towards one another. He is terrific to listen to, and you will probably feel better about being alive if one of his songs comes on the radio when bad things are happening. Hallmark ingredients of his 'sound' include very fast tempos, sweet/wise lyrics, and twinkling avant-pop arrangements.


He is young but busy, and there is a lot of his music available to listen to. His first full record, a 41 track adventure put together over the course of a few years, was called ' Perestroika Love ' and you can download the whole thing in mp3 format for free here and put it on your mp3 player and listen to it at the gym while you are lifting weights. Adrian's next release was a self-released EP called 'Blood-sexy', and it was a little bit different because people get older and sprout new ideas all the time.


After that, Adrian recorded a single at my place called 'Ice Police', and it became the second release on the Pocketclock imprint. The song is summarily about kissing a girl with cold lips on a hot day. You will be suprised by the good feelings that occur when listening to the song. We were, and thusly, in the name of science, commisioned a series of remixes of the song from around the world. These, too, can be downloaded gratis and immediately taken jogging.


He recently scored the play Seven Kinds Of Common Swine for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as contributing a remix for The Emergency's debut single 'We Got The Horror'. He is a musical/textual contributor to Mess and Noise, a melbourne street press glossy.


Nowadays, Adrian is concerning himself with the upcoming pocketclock release 'Watch As I Perform My Own Tracheotomy' (cat#cl003). It is ostensibly a happy record about things that are important to Adrian. It will exist in early 2005.


Adrian is a loved and appreciated friend of Pocketclock.


-bio by Roan mcnaught



  1. Adrian (Age 20, Aquarius) pushes his romantic, aesthetic and political agendas to the sounds of cute majorchordal breakbeats, tiny melodic cut-ups and anemic blastbeats.

  2. Think of the songs of pagans filtered through mid-90s Euro dancepop - asinine handclap bullshit paired with obligatory fandom-centric shoutouts (mainly Twin Peaks and Neighbours).

  3. Singer/Songwrecker! One Truth! One Remedy! Talkshow Boy is a highbrow ploy to get "cash" and "chicks" thru wordplayability. Samples found from the internet underground tweaked 'til they peak beyond recognisability.

  4. Ostensibly Australia's "best" (!?) pop genius - nothing but topnotch beatpop quality!? This shit has to be seen to be believed, man.

  5. Talkshow Boy is the musical pseudonym of bedroom-buttonpusher Adrian K-Sahara (AKA Adrian Trajstman). His music is frantic and romantic - ridiculously hyperactive, glitchy avant-pop full of urgency.

Inspired as a youngster by the do-it-yourself ethics and cutesy imagery of bands like Bis, Cub and Tuscadero, Talkshow Boy began writing one-minute guitar ditties based around topics such as current crushes, kittens, samurais and cold weather. After discovering experimental electronic music, the guitar numbers slowly reduced and Talkshow Boy's bedroom yelping started to be accompanied by a frenetic and slap-dash orchestra of blips and stutters.

He has self-released the cassette & CD 41-song platter of "Perestroika Love", in early 2003, a wide-ranging set of short, frenetic tracks with recurring themes of Ukraine, monks, spiders & revenge, spanning recording periods that almost qualify it as a career retrospective. He followed this with the more cohesive, also self released CDEP "Blood-Sexy", a darker but still excited affair about vampires, cinematography & kleptomania, seeing the increase of slight hip-hop touches to the enormous head-shaped cauldron that composites Talkshow Boy's music.

Next, Pocketclock released the "Ice Police" CD single, a slap-happy electro number as danceable as it is infectious -- very. The a-side, "Ice Police" is fundamentally about the split between hot and cold during the warmer months of summer -- more specifically it is about kissing an icy-mouthed girl on a hot day, whereas the b-side, "Blood Squad" is an embrace of the 'ruby fuel that powers our every move' and a rejection of the fear of it. Reviewers equally loved it, calling it "brilliantly daft janglepop for anyone who ever went over to their friends' house to play with their brand new Yamaha/Casio keyboard in about 1987, then went mental with the presets while pissing themselves with laughter on the floor while someone deadpanned nonsense like 'I was the polar bear/You were the Eskimo' until you couldn't even remember why you were laughing so much before rolling away to play Mega Man." (Clem Bastow, Inpress) and loathed it, "So rinky-dink, twee and just plain stupid that it makes The Wiggles singing 'Hot potato, hot potato' sound like Schubert by comparison." (Neala, Beat).

The promotional, free-for-download "Ice Police Rmxz" album soon followed on Pocketclock with the title track being re-jigged by likeminded electro-boffins such as Pompey, Schizoid, Gltch Btch, Proboscis Lounge, Blackbauble, Sienmilki, Vinylvandal, Waffles and Goosedaemon.

Talkshow Boy also played in Service Station Youth, an electrotrash hardcore band, and in The Undead Against You, a horror punk electro-surf duo with Lisa of Kickface infamy.